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Monday, October 12, 2015

Inspiration by looking at more pottery

Cathy and I spent a while browsing at the Spruce Pine Potter's Market last Sunday.

Enjoying sunshine outside of Spruce Pine Potter's Market

What a change from our wet venue outside at the Tailgate Market.  I love Black Mountain, but we just don't have such a great pottery show!  Spruce Pine is the center of Western North Carolina's potters who live and create out in the mountains and woods. 

We went to get inspired.  And of course there's also the education available from the potters.  We want them to be selling work to real customers.  But in between sales, the potters are a real friendly bunch!

Cynthia Bringle's booth merged with Pam Brewer...and I got lots of ideas!

Ken Sudbury
Joy Tanner's latest
 sculptural wall hangings

My favorite tree mugs
Cathy and Barb have seen absolutely everything - well almost


  1. what a treat to see all that pottery in one place.

  2. I am sure that was an awesome show. Lots of great potters there! Love your selfie at the end :-)


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