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Thursday, October 29, 2015

New doesn't mix with old

You've heard that before, in differing contexts.
Here I have had to accept that new carpet won't allow me to have my pretty little area rug (about 6x12) and enjoy the textures and colors and patterns it offers.

New carpet is strange, little loops that kind of give when you walk on them, without any padding underneath.  I hear the boards creaking when I step in certain places.
As many new things, it's done to please the eye, but not to really be comfortable or endure very well.

The strange thing is how those little loops shift the rug that's lying on top of carpet, so it has humps and it is pulled in one direction or another.  I've tried putting heavy things on it, but none of my furniture is ready to be out in the middle of the floor (more than normal like a desk chair, or a rocker and little coffee-type table).

After almost a month of tripping over the lumps and humps and pulling and pushing, and even kicking the rug to get it to stay in one place, I gave up and rolled it up and put it in the closet yesterday.  I've heard there are some rubber pads to keep things in place...but I don't have much faith in them.  Those little loops are going to give with each step and push the rug in a new direction.  And I do have a desk chair which I was constantly moving around in.

Sorry Panther, you will have to get used to having a scratching post rather than scratching on the rug.  Please, Panther, don't scratch on the little carpet loops!

Any advice on how to get a cat to use a scratching post?


  1. It's too bad they didn't put a good pad under your new carpet. It would feel better under your feet and last longer. Good luck with getting your cat to use a scratching post. If I think of it, I will ask my daughter next time we talk. She used to be the feline specialist for the NH animal rescue league and for the ASPCA. She may have some insight.

  2. strange they didn't put a pad under the carpet. when I try to train my cats to scratch, if I see them on another item. I quickly go over and bring them to the scratching post. I did get a scratching flat item and my Betty used to like that much better than a post. Barney scratches outside thankfully.

  3. A little catnip rubbed into the scratching area makes it more attractive.
    I bought a no skid pad for my rug and I have to say it works. I also use a piece of it between the couch cushions and slip covers.
    Mine was cheap; less than twenty dollars at Job Lot.

    1. Oh Suzi, that sounds great...of course catnip. Is your rug over a carpet? I also have a desk chair which would be rolling on it several times a day. I'll sure check it out!

  4. Our furniture attests to our lack of success interesting the kittehs in a scratching post. Good luck -- some of the suggestions sound worth a try.

  5. Makes a great photo though, your cat on this carpet :)

  6. Hi Barb - We don't have cats, so I'll be of no help to you. I'm back after a much-needed break from blogging, and wishing you a Happy Halloween!!

  7. My brother had oriental carpets over wall to wall with no skid pads. Survived rambunctious grandchildren with flying colors.


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