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Friday, July 31, 2015

What's been happening?

Back at the old blog after my stay-cation.  Hi everyone!
I've rested, relaxed, done a few things I don't usually do, and skipped quite a few that I do usually do.

But first let me say how wonderful it felt just to say, no, not going to spend all that time on computer doing things.  I'm getting a lot wiser about my time these days.

However, I also want to report on my potting.

The above ladybug mugs are special order, and may or may not be exactly what they had in mind.  I'll find out Saturday at the Tailgate Market probably.  Yes, 2 of them look like pitchers, because my friend wanted to be able to pour the water without it dripping into a single cup coffee maker.  One of these pitchers is really good at that, the other not so much.  They also wanted a huge mug that could hold 16 oz (the one in the center will hold 20 oz.) I got a bit carried away.  I'll let you know what my dear patrons decide.

I also tackled a very big project which I've postponed till I retired, and since now I am starting the 8th year of no longer having salaried work, I decided to actually do it. 

Scan old photos of family, and then sort them and provide them to my 3 sons and their families digitally.  I've got a couple of hundred sorted by where and approximately when they were taken, and I've now spent about 10 hours work on them, and what do I have to show for it?  Maybe 1/3 of the sorted photos have been scanned, and labeled so anyone will know approximately when and where, and who.  I have decided to just do about an hour a night, as it's a good thing to do once the sun goes down, and when I've got the air conditioner humming away to make me happy.

Today's Quote: (note, I like having these little bits of wisdom at the end of my posts, that way I can leave you with good wishes that someone else was smart enough to come up with.)

Grief and gratitude are kindred souls, each pointing to the beauty of what is transient and given to us by grace.
Patricia Campbell Carlson
(Letter to a friend)


  1. those ladybugs are such beauties, and I like them with the green very much!

    1. My bugs aren't totally realistic. A real ladybug would blush! Now that would be a lot of red!

  2. it feels good to get something done that's been postponed, that a wonderful green on the pitcher and mug and the ladybug really sets it off.

    1. The green is a double dip in glazes. First Glossy Green and then Satin white...and on a Little Loafers clay which is creamy white. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I like the final product. They look like a lot of fun to use. It was an interesting commission.

    1. I'll have one pitcher which I don't think I'll sell to them...which works fine if not filled right to the top. Yes, these folks are good customers and can come up with ideas that take me to new places in clay!


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