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Monday, July 20, 2015

Test tiles fired!

Merry Christmas to the BMCA pottery studio!

There are most of the tiles finished that were eagerly awaited.
Results are mixed on at least one of the glazes, so re-testing might be a good idea.  It looks like it's pretty thin and didn't behave like a blue should...some of the tests show it as brown.  Oops.

But here are the ones that worked!

Our new Matt Black glaze, with each of the other studio glazes over it.
I'll list them in order from l to r, and on each row I'll show below, the same 11 glazes will be shown on a different base glaze, which was dipped once, allowed to dry over night, then dipped in the "over glaze."
plum, black, white, glossy green, celadon, black mountain blue, clear, floating blue, eggshell, matt bronze green, and nutmeg.

 Our new Plum glaze (which is terribly runny, but does great to accent things)

Satin White base

Glossy green base

Nutmeg base

Celadon base

Black Mountain Blue base

Clear base

Eggshell base

Matt Bronze Green base


  1. that bronze green base looks pretty sharp :)

    1. It certainly is, and has great interactions with the other glazes! Would you like the formula?

  2. Amazing. What will the tiles be used for?

    1. By having them available on display, the students can choose which of 144 combinations they want to use on a pot.

  3. Those test tiles sure would help to take away the guessing of what glaze to use. As an art teacher with limited glaze it was always a guessing game as to how the colors would turn out. Kids wanted to have solid ideas and you just can't do that as the conditions just varied too much. Enjoyed seeing the results.

  4. Exactly...and of course the results aren't 100% full proof. But these are a great starting point.

  5. What a great idea Barbara. I love the different colored glazes.


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