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Monday, July 13, 2015

Tree people

Raku workshop last Thursday with Geoff Bird and Maureen Joyce...go see more pics here!

These are my 2 pieces...sculptural tree people ...though one is being called an angel.  I'll only give a few photos here.

More group photos tomorrow.

The Napolean's Rage glaze turned gorgeous copper colored on just one side...

The other side remains that deep navy blue with iridescent glitters here and there.

White areas are glazed with clear crackle...which also covered the turquoise Mayco glaze, but just a thin coat...not enough to get crackle however.

I made this with some recycled clays, and the construction technique is what I call torn slab.

The Angel

Lower body is glazed in Napoleon's Rage glaze, which is pretty uneventful except in one place

The wings, arms and face were glazed with clear crackle, and this time nice crackles occurred.


  1. they look great, congratulations... raku can be terrific when it works but a big disappointment when it doesn't.

    1. I've been really lucky in not having lost a piece yet...but then I only do it once a year or so! If I made a lot, I'm sure the numbers would change.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Linda, the next ones will be fired in an electric kiln...still there are surprises sometimes there too!

  3. These are fantastic pieces! Now I am itching to raku fire. It's been way too long.

    1. Thanks Michele, I can't wait till you do some...hint hint!

  4. Your raku workshop certainly produced some beautiful creations! I love these!


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