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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Listen to your friends

My friend, and fellow Mud Buddy, said to me, "why don't you put just a small branch on the other side.

I have done 2 trees on some mugs, but the small branch had not occurred to me.  Now I've done it, and I like it.  Tree on one side, branch on the other.

Thanks Pat.


  1. It makes sense as you are following a theme. On an off day you could put a little bird on the branch but not on all of them. I like the colors of the glazes.

  2. It is really pretty Barbara, Pat had a great suggestion. I have always loved your creations. To throw 'mud' onto a wheel and come up with something so pretty, has always impressed me.

  3. That certainly works. And I love the flecks in the clay.


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