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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Physical me vs. artist me

Wait wait, I'm an artist.  I'm a crafts-person, I can't take time off to be sick.  I need to be up daily and doing...making pottery and sculptures, painting those butterflies and trees and ladybugs and even bees with glazes!

Why oh why do the most needful times end up knocking me out physically?  I'm taking so many medications I think they are playing soccer in my stomach.  That's certainly what it feels like anyway...running up and down the field and kicking my intestinal track...and making gurgling noises with each goal!

And then there's the dizziness from various medications.  They all say right on the label, do not drive or operate machinery until you have taken this for a while.  I guess I'll just sit here.

And at least assemble my ornaments for this year.

They are not angels.  And they are not amoebas, which was a silly use of glaze and clay a few years ago.  Hey, why not hang amoebas on your tree?  Well, I would have!

These are "Angels fly by taking themselves lightly."  Or turtles?  Or? 

I figure a free-form ornament is as good as a ball...these are hoops, with a thingie dangling in the middle.  And some beads and wire and ribbon.  I wanted to go into something more than just the ordinary this year, but not quite as far as an amoeba.

So I sit in the sun (which gives these tired old eyes enough light to thread those tiny wires through the beads and clay holes.

Quote for today:

Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.
Carl Jung


  1. I'm planning my House Blessing with a dear friend, Mamie. She read a great poem blessing which will be part of our elemental, air, fire and water. And she reminded me without saying so, that I have a spiritual element to my being, not just physical and artistic. So I'm cherishing my emotions, my intuitions, and my connection to the universe...and moving on. Just thought you'd like to know...and I needed to be reminded!

  2. Feel better...this is a tough week for you in your new place!


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