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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Peak of colors in Black Mountain

The sun had already disappeared when I went riding around to see what was left of colors.  I've been way too busy to be a tourist this year!

And I knew the next 3 days would bring steady rain, so this was IT.  My one chance to capture some of 2015 autumnal colors.

OK, you want me to acknowledge that the peak has passed, right?

I'm grateful for what I can get!


  1. Beautiful foliage. Things are starting to get colorful around here too. I do miss the vibrant fall colors of New Hampshire. Lots more bright reds up there. Mostly orange and yellow around here. Still pretty.

  2. We had company so we drove all over the Parkway to follow the colors. Yes, the rains are here and with them come the falling leaves. Your colors may not be "peak" but they are lovely nonetheless.


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