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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

OK, NOW it's fall

Twice last week I heard them overhead.  And the second time I had my cell phone and was outside looking up, at sunset the Canada Geese flew overhead.

That means it's really fall for me.

I'm so glad to know I'm on one of the routes they take.  I plan to go over to Lake Tomahawk tomorrow and see more of them.  Though there is a local flock of Canada Geese, this is the season they migrate north,* and I love seeing them come in for a landing on the water.  I guess they can land on the land too, but who would want to when you can gracefully settle onto water?
  *South, as fellow blogger Gary reminded me!

October 8, looking at maple trees outside my bedroom window.

October 13, looking through the screen (the only window that has one yet, remember the apartment is still being rennovated).

Yes still being rennovated.  On Mon the 12th an earth mover dug a trench under the front porch.

He dug another trench under the neighbor's porch also, deep enough for a man to stand inside.

Apparently there was a fan from the downstairs apartment, which went out into some kind of air vent culvert.  There has been too much seepage in these vents, so they are all being removed.  The apartment downstairs from me has no windows in bath or kitchen, so I'm very fortunate to be in the upstairs apartment.  The entrance to the downstairs apartment is on the downhill side of the building.  It's a pretty clever layout.

Another screen shot...the trees are outside the downstairs apartment entrances, and they also have a nice bedroom and living room view.

Quote for today:

May the sun bring you new energy by day; may the moon softly restore you by night; may the rain wash away your worries; may the breeze blow new strength into your being.
Apache Blessing


  1. ....migrate north? I think you might intend to say the other direction :) We saw those guys here last week, now they are at your house, HA! And you have terrific trees outside your new place!

    1. Oh Gary, I guess I'm wrong...but as you see, they are actually flying east. How was I to figure it out?

  2. I'm so happy to see that you have trees and a porch at the new place. I visions of cement and parking lots!

    1. This is an amazing location, and the renovated apartments are beautiful. Yes, this is a far cry from a high rise of concrete. I worked as an Activity Director in one of those in FL and swore I'd never live in one like that. Many places that are affordable for seniors aren't as nice as this one!

  3. Glad you have the apartment with lots windows! I have lived with no windows in bathrooms but couldn't imagine a kitchen without them. Looks like you were fortunate to find this place. My Dad lives in a 5 story concrete building for seniors. He has lots of light and a balcony overlooking the foot bridge that crosses the river. He seems happy there, but he is 88 - when he was younger he wouldn't have liked it at all.

  4. Good capture of the skein of geese! I've never managed to do that.


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