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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Moving in the rain!

There were a hide-a-bed couch, and huge dresser moved in constant drizzle or even harder rain.  Special people are dedicated to their friends enough to come through for this!
I can't name them here, because they really need a break and don't EVER want to do this again!  But hopefully they'll read this and know how much I appreciated them.  Especially "T"...oh, and the other "T"...and of course "C".

Joaquin (Hurricane) helped also, by continuing a deluge in Black Mountain which started the night of Sept. 24, a Thursday...and he didn't arrive until Saturday.  It's still raining or foggy as I write this Sun. Oct. 4 in the evening.

So everything I've moved got damp or wet, or was tucked into blankets to help keep it dry.  We didn't even bother with pickup trucks, which several people offered.  We fortunately had station wagon and van as dry transport...and we loaded them both up for several days, several trips each day.

wet maple trees as seen from my tiny pocket balcony.

Yep that's it.  Probably won't sit outside, because I have plants that I want to get sunshine...they are waiting to come to the apartment tomorrow (as I write this).  It will be nice to have sun shining in the big new windows in the apartment!

Yes this outhouse has a five-holer...though I am pretty sure none of them are functional.

The apartments where I just moved have been under rennovation for months now.  A few have been finished, and mine almost is.  At least the plumbing is complete!


  1. rain just sits and waits for the move!

    1. Amen! You said it. And you've moved a lot too!

  2. It will be good when you are all finally in. It is an exhausting process.

  3. Glad you had wonderful friends to help! I love your new place. Enjoy!


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