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Friday, October 2, 2015

I do depend on the internet

Today the cable company will turn off my internet where I've been living for 6 years...and then connect me at my new apartment...hopefully!

Without this great cable provider, whose cost I think of as exorbitant, I'd not be able to share and save my story with you...and pictures!

And I'd not be able to click on the several dozen sites that I like to read where other's post the same about themselves.

And the biggest change isn't just the physical place where I'll reside, but the added service and entertainment which I'm jumping back into...perhaps at the wrong time in news cycles.  I'm going to have TV service again as well. 

I remember turning it off in July 2 years ago, and being somewhat surprised how much music I started listening to, rather than having to mute commercials all the time on programs that I was watching.  I certainly have enjoyed streaming various things that have been available on my computer.  Thank heaven.

I no longer listen to CD's much at all, because I have thousands of radio stations streaming live on my choices of genres over the computer...thanks to iTunes.

But I am saving enough money from my rent that I think I can afford to watch a limited amount of TV now...both psychically and economically.  I'll try to protect my psychic from the deluge.  I can always cancel again if I need to.

Thought for today:

And we are put on earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love.
William Blake


  1. we're thinking of cancelling dish, don't have cable here, seems if we don't cancel they re-new us automatically for two years, hum, these companies have us over a barrel and it is expensive.for what we do get which isn't much, occasional movies, but with winter coming we are reluctant because we don't get to go outside as much, what to do, we shall see, but we'll keep the internet of course.

  2. I hope your move goes well and hope you will still have a space for your pottery.

  3. best wishes with the move and everything else :)

  4. Barbara -- well you did it! Moved that is. Takes a lot of energy both mental and physical to move. Now the fun begins of organizing everything. I hope you are still close to your Mud Buddies. I like living in apartments now that I am older. Enjoy and don't overwork yourself getting settled. -- barbara


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