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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Every mother's wish

The cottage is bare finally, and my dear youngest son drove hundreds of miles to help with some of my local special friends to move all my belongings.

Friends helped pack, pack and pack some more.

But I can't express the extent of my love and gratitude for Tai Rogers, who kept on working after his 8 hour drive to NC, for two days, then another 8 hours back to his home.  He man-handled hide-a-bed couches and huge dressers...and were there a hundred boxes and tuperware tubs?  Probably.

I had a sweet parting dinner with him, where we asked and answered personal questions of each other...that touching of the heart and soul which happens so infrequently.  Not that we want to do it every day on "messages" but when we can do a face-to-face interpersonal connection, it's just WOW!

We truthfully answered questions of each other. My sharing meant saying what had really happened at times when he was small(er).  His meant saying what he's currently working on to express himself.  This kind of closeness is something I've had with his half brothers also at times...but not enough lately.  The "busyness" of their lives seems to get in the way.  I'm not that good on phone calls either.

But the tears that came to my eyes happen infrequently...a blessing, just as the shared love this last weekend.  Thank you isn't enough.


  1. :) Can't wait to see you in your new place too.

  2. good to have friends and especially such a wonderful son

  3. There comes a very special time in which mother and son are adults and communicate like adults and find out how much they would love each other even if not related.

  4. Beautiful and soulful post to the rapport between your son and you. What a kind gesture to help you with your move. And kind of your friends also. Kindness is immeasurable. -- barbara


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