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Monday, October 19, 2015

Bridge over the Swannanoa

Swannanoa River.  That's the valley in which the towns of Black Mountain, Ridge Crest, Oteen, and Swannanoa are located.

This sweet little river meanders a bit through greenery this time of year...but soon it will drop and there will only be a few bushes left with leaves still attached.

So why was I taking pictures of the Swannanoa River from this bridge?

One thing small towns have in abundance around here are railroad crossings.  So I was lined up with lots of other motorists waiting for the train to pass (which it had for this picture) and then the light to turn green at US Highway 70.

My new apartment is right up hill above the tracks, and therefore the river.  As the trees lose the leaves I am able to look across the Swannanoa valley and see the other ridge of mountains to the south.

Today's quote:

Even in a world that's being shipwrecked, remain brave and strong.  Hildegard von Bingen


  1. What a pretty view. I love the way wooded areas change from season to season.

  2. Your new apartment does have an enchanting view. I'm sure it will inspire your pottery.


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