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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Spirit Houses in the garden

Spirit Houses. Made them back in January...when the idea of a garden was a real fantasy.

Now there are some scattered about my home, where most of my garden is in containers.

A wishing well sits next to a thirsty chrysanthemum (in another potter's drum-turned-planter)
The cracked birdbath has become home for the "Abbey in ruins" as well as some succulents and coleus.  The big overturned jug is upside down so it doesn't collect rain and make mosquitoes.

I've recently purchased (well, traded for it) a basil plant to add to the bird bath garden, but I think it will be in a separate pot on top, because this shallow soil is difficult to keep moist enough for most things. (Notice how I'm sitting here at computer rather than doing the repotting right now!)

There's Spirit House number one beneath the huge sunflower,and other plants all arranged around the front door.

Lots and lots of my pottery is on a low table by the back door. Little kitten is in front curled up, torn slab pot for begonia, and my southwest spirit house in front of artificial ferns with a Lotus shrine.

The plates under the pots are even discards of my work.
A closer shot of the Lotus shrine...

 Under the eaves close to the house doesn't get any rain, thus the artificial ferns to give me some greenery there.

I let nature care for my summer garden, and only water if we have a few days without rain, which doesn't happen often in the summertime.

Quote for today:

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.  There is nobody else like you in the world and this is worth celebrating rather than searching for faults.  Madisyn Taylor


  1. your spirit houses look wonderful in the garden

  2. HOW ABSOLUTELY cute! I love that, made in winter for the summer garden :)

  3. Love the little spirit houses. I'm sure all the good spirits will dwell there.


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