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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A test glaze tree

Yesterdaay I shared the long awaited glaze test tiles (well they're really cubes).  But before they came out of the kiln, I was waiting and curious about some of our new glazes, and didn't only wait.

So I just did a few wild and crazy tests on one piece.

Base is glazed with Matt Black (which doesn't look matt here)

I poured Raspberry over several of the limbs...and at the end dipped them in Plumb

Raspberry (the purple berry kind) over black at bottom, then with Matt Bronze Green poured over it

Some of the Matt Bronze Green over Raspberry

Matt Bronze Green does have a matt finish

The little speckles are from the clay, not the glaze

Nutmeg with Matt Bronze Green over it

NOTE added after comment about how to keep track of these tests:
I used the same photos to send in 'text messages' to myself on my phone, complete with a text describing what was in that photo.  My friend Teresa at the studio taught me this trick.  So all my glazes are recorded both before and after firing that way.  Neat trick, and don't have to write them down and draw sketches like I used to in my sketch book!


  1. What a neat idea! Toes crossed that you wrote it all down!
    Now you don't have to go through masses of tiles to find your favorites!

  2. some of your experiments look promising. great way to do testing

  3. I'm adding a note right in the text of this blog, so it doesn't get lost. It's how I keep track of my glazes these days!

  4. I really like the combination of glazes in that first pic!

  5. WOW, this is art, and it is gorgeous, love the colors!


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