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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy August 1st!

This is also a traditional agricultural holiday to celebrate first harvest, usually of grains.  Thus the Catholics call it Loaf Mass, or Lammas.  It also was to celebrate Lughnasadh (See this link for lots of information) or the god Lugh, in Celtic or Irish history.

Games like the Olympics were played, and match-making between young people, and of course arts and crafts, dance and music, and food food food.

So my friends Linda and Rebecca are using this opportunity to have a bit of ritual and gathering for women who want to celebrate the festive day.  I'll be there, and enjoy partaking of the fun.

My gift for you here is this.

“Decide what is sacred to you, and put your best life energies at its service. Make that the focus of your studies, your work, the test for your pleasures and your relationships. Don’t ever let fear or craving for security turn you aside”.  

~ Starhawk, The Spiral Dance

Thank you Starhawk, Linda and Rebecca, and all the others who celebrate this first harvest-time!


  1. I never seem to catch that white rabbit! Here in Oz the first of August is wattle day... the wattle is our floral emblem and there are many varieties of which a lot flower late July or early August... lots of natural yellow and green national colours around :)


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