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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Celebrating a 75th

I've been posting old photos of myself when younger, as Facebook portraits for the last month.  Tee hee.  Most people who know me now wouldn't believe that's me.  Perhaps I could sneak in Susan Sarandon, Merle Street? Well, I've got green eyes, so Sarandon won't work...not sure about Merle.  And not at age 75, if you please, anyway.
Barb Rogers 1976 or so

I'm celebrating by myself this year.  Strangely enough.  My daughters-out-of-law have birthdays in the same month, and one had a trip to Yellowstone last month, and the other a trip to Cuba for their birthdays.  That leaves 2 of my sons with empty pockets but happy girl friends.  My other son is going through one of those big work transitions right now, after he just got back from vacation with his family.

My travels aren't that far these days, but a whole day driving around these mountains is certainly enjoyable for me.  Just wait till I post pics of my waterfall, Mount Pisgah, Cradle of Forestry trip from last week!

I was surprised yesterday when Congressman McHenry came into our Senior Lunch Site, and stood at each table talking to the participants.  When he came to our table where we were having conversational Spanish class (just 5 of us this week when we sometimes have 12!) I had asked the 5 (in English) what we should ask him.  So we were somewhat prepared.  It was the most attention I would have ever received from a Congressman, and he came to us.  We stressed that healthcare needs to be changed, but part of the problem is that the insurance industry donates to Congressmen.  He said he'd take money from anyone, but would vote to represent his constituents.  (Can I believe that?)  He then left to go to a Town Hall meeting where 170 or so people met with him.  And I was one of 5 that had his attention for 10 minutes! WHow!

My best friend who lives on the other side of the continent, sent a package that got here last Friday.  I was looking forward to seeing the lovely things she's sent.  A nice silver necklace with a pretty stone in it, blue...not sure what.  And several blouses in jewel-tones.  I am wearing one of them (and the necklace) in the picture with Mr. McHenry above.  While she's battling cancer, she thinks of others...that's the way she's lived all her life.

I went shopping for a new purse last week.  When I went up to Pisgah Inn with a friend last week, I splurged on food and decadent chocolate.  That was definitely a birthday bash.  She has her birthday at the end of July, and I missed celebrating it with her.

When we get to this age, life seems to interfere with birthdays.

After all, there was this eclipse this week.  Geese, how could it not be on MY DAY!

Posted by National Quilt Museum,  Thanks to commenter, made by Caryl Bryer Fallert.
This year I'm very very grateful for my good health, which has improved after a couple of times when it dipped into the uglies.  I'm being more active in taking care of myself as a result!  McHenry also had pneumonia this summer, and we briefly talked about the long time it takes to come back to our own "normal."

I could have organized a festive party, if I'd had the energy.  That would also include green energy, namely the money it takes in food and booze. I prefer to parcel out my energy expenditures in things that bring me the most joy, and frankly having a lot of clean-up after a party doesn't give me much joy.  I'll see most of my friends at one time or another during a the studio, at the lunch program, at church, or just in Facebook and emails, where I also kind of keep up with my family.

So here I go doing what I choose to do each day for another trip around the 76th!
I just realized maybe I'm ready to take more risks with my life.  Mmm, can I change at this time in my life? We shall see!


  1. Happy Birthday Barb! And many more.

    The quilt was made by Caryl Bryer Fallert. You can read more about how the quilt was designed and constructed here if you're interested.

    1. Thanks JudyB, I appreciate it very much, because artists need to have recognition! I've changed the caption to give Caryl Bryer Fallert credit.

  2. Belated but heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope this coming year brings much happiness and good health.


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