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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy birthday son, Russ!

It's only once in a lifetime you get to turn 50.

So I hope you enjoy yourself with your family, and have many many more happy birthdays!
Wish I could be there to give you a big slobbery mom-kiss.  What, that's a bit of ketchup on your chin? Well lick my hankie and I'll clean it off!

Here you were in 1972, around 5 years old.  I don't know the location though, but it had dirty floors (just look at those socks!) and you felt totally at home enough to wear your undies while looking at some comic or a coloring book (I'm guessing).

And this is a family looking out the windows of the Hancock Building in Boston, (Sept. 1973) except my sons couldn't have cared less about the view.  Grandmother Rogers has her back to the camera (held by Grandpa probably) then Peter McRae (my fiance' at the time) and your very own blond mom.  Marty is framing one side of the view, while Russ is on the other end, literally!

In case you don't remember family history (well, you were pretty young!) Pete and your mom got engaged during this trip to Massachusetts from Florida. But things didn't work out as planned, and we never married.  But this is about you!

School days, Tallahassee FL 75-77

The Georgia Tech and DelSol years!

As you encouraged your 3 daughters to come downstairs on Chrismas morning...
You on the right at the Heym family reunion, wearing same shirt as your dad!

you and your lovely daughters

You and your lovely wife, Michelle
And a more recent selfie of you and Michelle!
Recent shot of Russ on vacation...a big thanks to Michelle for posting pics for me to see!

I am so proud of you, dear son.  And I love you till the end of time.  May your life continue to be  filled with laughter, hugs, challenges, adventures, trips, new things to do, and good health.

Mom! Sniff, sniff.

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