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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Semi-feral cats in the hood

I thought the tan one is also male, because I know (Bootsie) the little black one is...and the management had him fixed (as well as his calico sis) last year after they grew bigger than kittens.  But that fat little tummy on the tan is now skinny suddenly, so in the last week that cat had herself some kittens.  Not here, but somewhere in the woods in the neighborhood.  She sure needs to be fixed.  We heard that she's actually the mother of the other 2 cats.

These little guys were just walking down the sidewalk, and this was my view out the window.  No wonder my own cat like to sit in that window and watch the world go by.

The management is also feeding the two kittens (now cats) and perhaps the tan one has joined the family.

One of our residents was feeding (illegally) the kittens and they'd follow her around with her walker every day.  They could hear it coming, and would just appear out of the bushes.  She was able to touch them, and sometimes the black will come to me and let me pet him, but Cali, the girl, is still pretty shy.

Since the pet deposit is pretty high in our apartments, it's amazing how many people have dogs.  And I dare say a few cats, but they all stay inside like mine.

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  1. we have a guy in our community who catches feral cats and has them spayed and then releases them back again and he pays for it all, he leaves cat carriers with food in the back and when they go in he catches them and takes them to the vet. Our cat Barney was the neighborhood cat when we moved here but now he's ours, but he was fixed and not so wild so I think he belonged to someone who lived nearby at one time.


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