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Monday, July 31, 2017

Summertime joy

Yes, the living is easy.  Taking a deep breath.  So grateful to be able to.  Another deep breath.

The guppies have fresh water and food.  Cat is curled on chair cushion, having first and second breakfasts in her tummy.  I'm on my third half-cuppa.  That's half decaf and half regular coffee, and I just keep adding to a half full mug.  Not sure how much caffeine that makes!

OK, here are the pots for today.  More tea-bowls, cups, or small bowls.  A few pleasant designs added to the basic off-white glaze.  I admit to not having been able to paint designs lately, so these are from springtime throwing.

4 inch diameter for sipping with a sea turtle swimming with you - $20
Would you otter, or maybe another little critter who loves fresh fish?

Lots of good ladybug luck on this little cup.  Pale yellow roses on the other side.

All for just $20 each

...and free shipping for orders of $25 or more in August in the 48 US states.

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