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Thursday, December 6, 2018

What those horse drawn vehicles really gave us

All the romantics who think of going back to "the good old days" have very sketchy memories.  Each horse who pulled people around made plenty of dung.  That's what I think has happened to's got some output that smells.

I'm not going to be sharing from here to FBk for a while.  Not going back in time though.  I'm limiting sharing, thanks to the plethora of bots.  Perhaps Blogger is also to blame.  I've got other people who I will talk with now, in person, though more difficult at times.  I'll be visiting your blogs still, and gladly commenting on whatever you've got to say.

I'm not sure where I'll share anything interesting in my life. This BOTS thing is disconcerting.  Apparently most of it's from Google.

I just was reminded that wearing a C-PAP at night to help my breathing, is monitored continuously by perhaps my doctor's office, and certainly the home-care outfit which bills me for it.  Yes, BIG BROTHER is here.

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  1. Hello,

    I am not sure I have the BOTS you are talking about on blogger. I have seen them on Facebook in high numbers. I am sorry if you are having trouble. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!


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