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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sourwood weekend

So many people come to town.
So many cars!
So few places to park!

There are 3 blocks of streets closed where now tents line each side of the streets, and we walk sweaty and looking at the fares along the middles...but there are too many people, some who just stop in the middle, blocking movement.  It's a stop and go stroll.

Fake plants in glass wall hangings...pretty, but...?

I went Sat. morning.  I had a package to mail, and was lucky to ferret out a parking place partially in shade.  Of course it wasn't really one, but no traffic was blocked and it was on the far side of the post office parking lot, which was completely full of tourists' cars.  Since I had a place to park, I decided to walk the 2 blocks over to the Festival.

I strolled around, mainly looking for pottery.  Found just one booth with some which I didn't recognize (from South Carolina) and kept on going.

A lot of wood working.  A lot of jewelry which looks good in the sunshine.  A lot of junk food, which smelled great - something fried at least.

I was surprised and not at all pleased to see the Black Mountain Police selling T-shirts which said "In God We Trust."  What?  How does a tax-supported arm of our public government get to give a religious saying on their T-shirts?  Their cooler even has a Bible verse listed in Genesis. I guess since it's also on our money, they feel entitled.  But I prefer to keep God in church, thank you very much.  And to have my tax dollars go to a police force that is professional and not using the name of God in their performance of duties.  Do they pray before they start meetings? I envision them sitting in their cars beside the road, holding a moment of prayer before they go after a bad-guy.

See, it just didn't feel right to me.  I believe firmly in separation of church and state still.

OK, other things I saw...lots of booths selling things for pets.

Finally on my last leg of the circuit, skipping a few of the rows of tents, I saw another potter...without many people looking at his wares.  Since I was so hot by then, I didn't either.

Next to the potter, some yard art...

I traipsed back up the hill to my car, and was glad I picked up organic Reeds Ginger Ale at the health food store, and some chocolate covered ginger bits.  That was all I wanted to bring home with me, besides the photos.


smartcat said...

Whenever I see ‘in God We Trust’ inappropriately displayed I want to add ‘All Others Pay Cash’. (An old Jean Shepherd title). I would have been strongly tempted to buy a tee and alter on the spot with a black marker.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good one! Unfortunately they were black shirts. Nice idea though!

Linda Starr said...

Gary's favorite honey is sourwood; perhaps the police paid for the shirts out of their own money? imho we need more god of any denomination and less protesting in our country

eileeninmd said...

Hello, looks like a great festival. Many crafts for sale. Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

Barbara Rogers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for your comment, and your opinion. I can't taste any difference in sourwood honey from wild flower honey, which I kind of prefer because of my allergies.

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for your dropping by Eileen. Yes, Black Mountain is a very crafty town.

Anna said...

oh look at that lovely green grass! all of our state NSW and a good portion of Queensland is in drought and doing it tough.. looks like you had a nice day to walk around the market