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Saturday, August 11, 2018

A kitchen blessing

I love this concept, which reminds me of raising my children.  They've all flown the coop, so when they visit me, we usually are visiting in a restaurant, without the benefit of clatter of pans, someone sitting at a kitchen table, and good times with good food being prepared.  Restaurants just don't do all that!  But I'm happy to have the visits I do have!

Part of the situation is that I don't live with a kitchen table, but rather a big one room living/dining area.  It works. I'll include it all as "kitchen."

1 comment:

Barbara Rogers said...

I've lived in progressively smaller places, since the visits from sons and grandchildren were happening maybe once a year...not enough to keep having spare bedrooms on my budget! But I miss that I can't invite my out-of-town friends. Next week I'm going to go visit one of them myself!