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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Thrown and altered pitcher, before and after

Here it was just at the finished leather-hard stage, having been altered by piecing a new piece of slab clay on it at spout, and a pulled handle added where a pierced piece had been removed.  Made with Speckled Brownstone clay from Highwater Clay, cone 6.

See Here and HERE for how I did that.

And here is the finished pitcher, exterior in Matt Bronze Green, interior in Glossy Green.  Edge highlighted with white, and some paint strokes down three faces of the pitcher of more MBG.

Yes, Panther had to photo-bomb the pitcher picture, just to rub her cheek along the edge.

Today's quote:

Meditating with the natural sounds of nature will help you connect to something larger than yourself.


  1. Having fun with glaze!!

    When I do handles I'll often sit the freshly handled piece upside-down..gravity does interesting things to the curves.

  2. Nice work! Of course Panther is photo bombing you. That’s what cats do! 🤭

  3. Very pretty! Cats always have to get in on the action don't they?


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