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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Centers for the Arts...Cleveland County Arts Council NC this time!

This is my second Center for the Arts, and I really love it. (Black Mountain Center for the Arts will remain my home, where I work in their Clay Studio almost daily.)

Shelby NC is a much larger town than I thought, with 20,000 people, and a beautiful and vibrant downtown, as I visited on a Thursday afternoon and evening.

Their Cleveland County Arts Council hosted a reception for the 23rd annual Treasures of the Earth, and this year I was pleased to be part of it.

This old post office building turned art center worked very well for 25 potters, and their works in 6-10 foot displays, and guests well fed and beveraged with beer and wine.  This non-alcoholic punch was off by itself, and my favorite in spite of wines and beers available (I was designated driver!)

A dear friend, Helen, went down the highways with me, and brought some good snacks, a chocolate chip, raisin and nut mix shown here. Having each artist provide snacks for 30 was a great idea, and we had some fantastic food!

 Here are a few displays, not in any special order, nor showing any favorite potters!

My selfie with a "probable cousin," Violet Arth Dukes, who practically ran the whole event.  Of course there were others, but I had to capture Violet with me right away! It was great to meet her finally!

My display was pretty simple, letting the decorated pottery speak for itself.

I'll post all the items that are on display there under a tab right below the header.  Look for it up at top.


  1. Wishing you great sales! Everyone at Cleveland County Arts Council is so friendly and helpful.

    1. Hope your ears were burning, cause Violet and I were talking about you all! Sorry you weren't there for me to meet you!


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