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Monday, October 2, 2017

Need some cups

 Before handle applied.

I've thrown some little mugs/cups to go with this teapot, because the gallery which had it placed someone else's yellow mugs with it, and they didn't even match! Not to mention (she says in a huffy voice) my business card was right next to them all.  I don't mind someone else's mugs being sold, just don't want them to be considered mine, since the artist didn't even sign them.

So this week I'm painting some more monarchs...a lot of work.  Especially considering there are now decals of butterflies available with beautiful artwork, however only in black and white.  Of course filling in the spaces isn't very hard to do, like a coloring book art with glazes.  I'm a little miffed about that too. I draw the monarch with Designer Liner, paint black glaze, then orange, then add white dots with Designer Liner.  It's not as easy as a coloring book at all.  Then wax over the butterflies and apply the basic color, yellow here.

What's an artist to do?

1 comment:

Anna said...

lots of work in those for sure... fingers crossed for a good firing