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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Honoring my ancestors - Young girls

Who were the young girls, who grew up and became mothers, aunts, grandmothers and part of the line that led to myself and my children and grandchildren, not to mention my cousins?

I know I said I'd focus on Henry Rogers next.  But this is Saturday, and I always look for something that relates to the Sepia Saturday prompt.  Check what others around our globe have also posted HERE, (look down at the bottom where names are links to other blogs!)

So which photos of girls standing in front of doors can I post today?

I start with myself and my sister, though we're both still alive.
These were our Valentine's outfits.  Yes, red skirts, hats and shoes even!  OK, maybe they were Christmas outfits as well!

Cousins at Gummy's house.  This was probably February, 1947, where my little sister Mary was having her first birthday (she's in the little swing).  Standing behind her is cousin, Claudette, age 8 and myself, age 5, and cousin Sandra, age 7.

Do I have any earlier girls photos?

Baby Ada Mary Rogers being held by her own grandmother "Dear Nan" (Zulieka Granger Phillips Swasey 1858-1935)   Ada Mary didn't live to adulthood, and was the only girl born to my grandparents on my father's side...(1916-1919)  My father was 2 when she was born. Gummy and Poppy, (Ada and George Rogers) had these post card portraits there aren't any of girls standing on steps.

On the left is Eugenia Booth Miller, my grandmother after whom I was named.  Then my mother, Mataley.  Two of her friends were Helen and Kitty, taken 1922 when my mother was 7.

So here are more cousins.  Since my mother was an "only child" I didn't have any aunts and uncles except the great aunts and second cousins. 

Patsy Jean Rogers, my mother Mataley, and Bob Rogers, cousins.  1934.
Patsy Jean married several times, and had at least 4 children.  I've been contacted by one of them while doing genealogy.  I hope to get in touch again.  Bob became a rodeo rider, and I don't think I ever met him, nor that he married.  Their mother (Great Aunt Rowena Miller Rogers) was married to a Rogers that didn't seem to be related to the George Rogers ancestors of my father's family.  At least I haven't found any connection yet.

I'll leave you with pondering how girls grew into women who married, and then became mothers, grandmothers, aunties etc.  Women were (and still often are) identified by their husbands and children.  So to honor them I can only think how their blood flows in my veins today.  Thank you grandmothers.

Today's Quote:

Gratitude places you in the energy field of plentitude. Perceiving life in a consciousness of gratitude is literally stepping into another dimension of living. Suddenly the seeming ordinariness of your days takes on a divine sparkle.
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Linda Starr said...

look at those berets, how wonderful you have all those photos and memories

Vicki Lane said...

These are all so charming . . . and a little bittersweet.

La Nightingail said...

A wonderful collection and thank you for sharing. It really is something to have such special pictures from the past - of grandmothers and grand aunts and the like - when they, themselves, were babies or little girls. One thing I've always found oddly curious about that: our forebears were born before us, but now await us in the future. It's a strange sort of relation to time.

tony said...

Good To See Women & Girls Standing In Their Own Right!

Jo Featherston said...

That first photo of you and your sister is my favourite, and a great match for the prompt.

Wendy said...

You and your sister look so cute, especially with your little pocketbooks.