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Monday, October 23, 2017

Getting ready for a show

Chip 'n Dip bowl - $45

Surf and sand mugs $25 or set of 4 for 80
For those who have canopy tents, tables or shelves, and tubs of packed of priced pottery, I salute you.
I've made pottery for most of the summer (with a few months off when I was sick).  I wish I had taken a vacation, but it's hard to do when you're retired, everyone thinks your life is just one long vacation.  Ha.
Honey pot/jar $35

And so today I meet with my friend Cathy Babul, who will be sharing a booth with me, and the job of getting everything set up next Saturday for the Art by the Tracks show here in Black Mountain.

Large red sunflower bowl (10" diameter, 5" high) - $55
There are joys in this event, as well as some grueling hard work.  Physical work.  Like having a 40 pound weight on each of the corners of the tent.  We have cement blocks.  Hauling them from Cathy's pickup to the tent is one of our favorite pleasures.  Just think how we're saving money on membership in the gym.
Medium yellow sunflowers bowl - $30

The other hard physical labor is loading tubs of pots, tables, and paraphenelia for the show....bags for sales, shelving units, table clothes, clipboard to keep track of sales, petty cash for change, a "Square for phone" to take charge cards....etc.

Red sunflowers vase - $30  Red sunflowers jar - $40

This is the red sunflower series...and I think I've shown just about all of them.

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  1. love the red sunflowers with the yellow glaze, have a good show


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