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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Christmas ornament project

Original ornament designs.
Bisque fired.

Then I made molds from each of them.

The molds were bisque fired.  I chose to not continue with a couple of them, but now I can press new clay into them, cut around the designs to get them to have clean edges, then let them firm up over night, and finish them off with some tool work and cleaning the edges.  Then they get bisqued and this time I glaze them, hand painted several coats of Stroke & Coat by Mayco, and little dots with designer liner by Mayco.

I think I'll ask $10 each for them.  Do you think that's a good price?

Today's Quote:
“When a famous writer gets a famous prize, we readers are given an opportunity to reread their books, but also to rethink the thoughts that we have had about those books.” Kazoo Ishiguro Winner Nobel Prize 2017


  1. I sell mine for $5 each but they are not have as detailed as yours and only glazed with one glaze. This year I haven't sold as many as I have in the past and I hate sanding and glazing them because of all the time involved for so little an amount of income but I still think having a variety of items for sale and graduating price points helps the overall bottom line. Amazing mold making

  2. They're great Barb! They're priced just right too. But as always, you can always lower the price. Better that than pricing them to low to start with.


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