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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Returning to walking

 In Black Mountain there's a great recreation park, called Veterans Recreation Park, which has some ball fields and nice walking paths.
I walked through a tunnel under I-40, and there is the Swannanoa River also going under it.  I walked on a very long dark and mostly dry portion of the tunnel, a pedestrian path which is walled off from the river section.

Path goes under interstate on left, several other tunnels let the river go through.

The Swannano River and a frisby golf course share the same area...

...with the John Wilson Community Garden
and some great butterfly gardens!

More on the community gardens tomorrow!


  1. Taking a walk. When I mentioned I'd started walking again, a friend said, did you have a cane or a walker? Sorry, I just mean I now have enough endurance that I can feel confident to go about a half mile at a time...stopping to take many pictures!


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