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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Charlie's back in town, maybe.

Charles M. DeFilippo

What a surprise to see your photo on FaceBook.
I wonder if you'll come back there to say we can be friends, again.

Charles M. DeFilippo

Your smile and your eyes haven't changed a bit!

I was just scanning some old photos from the 70s, when we took a trip from Tallahassee out to New Mexico with Diane, to purchase Native American turquoise and silver jewelry, in my new van.

 This is me, as Barbara Heym at that time, and Charlie, around 1976-7.  Not sure of the year.

I changed my name back to Rogers the next year.  And Charlie moved to New Mexico permanently.  I never saw him again.

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  1. And this is from the FB posting:
    LIKE: 11 You, Kathy Phillips, Lynn Pace and 8 others

    Patricia Rogers Seliger
    You look like a little kid!
    Barbara Rogers Oh my, in the 70s I did relive my teen years!

    Phil Fryberger California? Colorado??
    Barbara Rogers Either CO or NM.

    Barbara Rogers Charlie taught me my first pottery lessons! Maybe this was 77, but probably not 78!

    Martha Jane Curie I met you guys in 76

    Barbara Rogers Pottery poetry and person!

    Cindi Sutherland And look at that demure little lace trimmed collar!

    Martha Jane Curie I remember that pretty young woman and sweet young man.

    Sandra Abromitis Love it

    Annelinde Metzner So cute!


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