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Sunday, July 30, 2017

I'll plant something anywhere

Here my favorite (and first) spirit house has some dirt (maybe a half inch) in the floor, and is sprouting some geraniums happily.

I've already shared about these little houses a few years ago, (Here and HERE  and even with a snow covered view Here)and most of them have sold.  I keep a few around to attract friendly spirits, and of course to keep away any that would wish me ill fortune.

I may make some more soon...we shall see.

And today is the birthday of my Grandpa Bud Webb, who died at 28, when my mom was 2 years old. Sometimes when I see young families, I think how awful an accident can happen to take away the young fathers.  Grandpa Bud was electrocuted accidentally in 1919...when wiring might not have been that well designed.  I've shared about him before HERE.

Here's his draft card...

And here is his grave marker, as well as the other family markers, and cemetery gateway.

I imagine my grandmother has a headstone there now, as well as Grandpa Bud's parents and siblings. I don't know who David William Carroll was, (b 1871) who has a headstone next to Grandpa Bud's.  There were some Carroll's way back in the family of the Booths, my grandmother's mom's family.

I'll check and see if I can find anyone on Ancestry.  Going under for a while, not holding my breath!

OK, here I am after chasing David W. Carroll back through ancestry, he married Grandpa Bud's sister,  Marguerite, which is why he's buried next to him. Marguerite Carroll lived until 1951, so that tells us the photo was taken before that date, or she'd also have a headstone there.

And my other Carrol roots?  It was Carrol Witty, not the last name, but the first one, for a man.  He was from Alabama...and his daughter Eugenia Almeta Witty married Richard Booth. They were my great great great grandparents.

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  1. Oh, I love the spirit house! And the geraniums are the perfect inhabitants.


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