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Friday, August 7, 2015

update on 2 projects of mine

Last Friday I gave you my return to blogging post about 2 things, HERE.  Here are updates on both.

First my friends liked the pitcher/mug which pours without drips.  It was so easy after seeing the one that does drip that the other is just right.  And they also liked the huge one.

Yes, he wants the single cup of coffee each morning, and she wants a double shot of tea!  With a ladybug also!

Thanks so much for your support, dear friends!

Second project I mentioned a week ago was the scanning of old photos so I could share them digitally.
I have accomplished about a third of this tub of photos, which are sorted into places I've lived (oh yes, I do get around a lot!).  I take a few shortcuts, like having a lower dpi than if these were to be used professionally.  And I batch 4-6 on each scan.  That's because it takes about 2-3 minutes for a scan with my old printer.  The printer doesn't work any more at all (clogged ink-jets) and I don't have the money to get a new one...but it can still scan.  So an hour at a time, while reading a mystery if I'm really bored, or just plodding along in a mindless daze, they are getting put into a dropbox where each of my sons can share the folder.  Another folder is designed to share with my best friend who I went to school with and we have similar memories of those good old (?) days.

The new header above on my blog is a result of this project.  I found those old photos and made a new collage...from my teens to my 60s.  I kind of skipped a lot of my adulthood.  I think that was a conscious choice actually.  While I worked my little fingers to the bone on various keyboards, or returned to college and used same fingers to answer test questions or create in clay...that was also a parallel existence for my sons as they grew up into manhood.  A bit too much to cover in a header collage.

And this is my birth month.  Though I got the year mixed up, I am celebrating it all month this year.  That was part of the result of my stay-cation.  I know you're saying, "Will she ever shut up about her damned stay-cation?  It's not as if she WENT anywhere!"  Well, maybe I'll go somewhere and let you know about it, or maybe not.

But mainly I'm celebrating that retirement is all a stay-cation!  What do you know about that!

Today's Quote:

A harmonized mind produces harmony in this world of seeming discord.
Paramahansa Yogananda


  1. congrats on the sales; our stay cations are drives in the countryside. I have a ton of slides and photos but it seems daunting since one of my first jobs was working at a camera store and that got me into photography. maybe one of these days I get them digitalized.

    1. And these are the ones that didn't make it into albums or the mail to relatives


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