Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rowan or Mountain Ash

Sorbus Aucuparia
The Lady of the Mountains

Black Eyed Susans

Today's Quote:

from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford

Rowan is able to flourish higher up on the mountains than most other trees. Closer to the sun and divine inspiration in this extreme environment, it yet retains its grace of form and its potential for healing. Exposed to the elements on solitary crags, it still produces blossom and berries to delight the eye and heal the body, bringing vibrant color and birdsong to the hills. Rowan emphasizes the need for color and creative endeavor in our lives and encourages us to open our minds to creative inspiration. It also teaches us that we can draw on the forces of life to heal ourselves and those around us. We can develop the art of turning adversity into creative opportunity. Rowan protects and gives courage and strength to those walking the path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. For the Celts , the rowan was the Tree of Quickening, of Sacred Fire, of the Awakening Spirit, and the Sun.


  1. oh those berries are luscious, I must see if I can find any around here, they would look so nice in a pottery vase.

  2. Thank you. I see these when we drive the Parkway to Pisgah Inn. Keep meaning to look them up and now you have done that for me.

  3. Barbara -- Can you dry those berries for enjoyment in winter. They seem like they would be beautiful in a holiday bouquet. I just recently noticed the Black Eyed Susans blooming their heads off in a nearby garden. We must be on the same bloom schedule as you are in the east. Do like the quote by Jane Gifford! -- barbara

  4. The berries on the Ash are wonderful. I have heard of the name of the mountain ash but I don't think I have seen one in life.


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