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Sunday, August 2, 2015

My life in which something was lost and something was gained

Sepia Saturday again...a day late perhaps.
But that's ok, I've been on stay-cation time.  Meaning I made it to some things that were scheduled, and I didn't make it on time to others, or at all to some others.  Sigh.  "Life is too short to do it all," must have been my theme for the week.

I didn't blog.
I did sneak peeks at facebook, but no comments, no sharing.  Ah, that was a feast worth having.
I continued regular conversations with my best friends on emails.  They know I need their lovin' ways to keep going.

So here is my submission for this week.
A hotel?  Sort of...

The city of New Orleans, French Quarter of course.  Visited in the late 1970s...a rainy day, in which the umbrella toting person just happened to be passing while I tried to take some snaps of these buildings. The sign says: St. Peter House...and on the corner where I'm standing is LeLido (which I couldn't find on my short search today.)

But wait, St Peter's House is a B&B...small world after all!  (Now known as Inn on St. Peter, with bricks now red.)

Inn on St. Peter

Why did I want to take and share these photos?  Well, perhaps it's the area where I briefly lived (early 60s) after moving in with my soon-to-be-husband.  And then we both caught a strep throat infection and I lost my tonsils to the fever.  I gained something else however, who was to become my first son.

So there is that wonderful connection to hotels, that a lot of those beds are used for more than just sleeping.  And that the setting is somewhat exotic just by being separate from our ordinary lives.

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  1. great story and photos, love the chronology at the top

  2. Wow, it was a happy gain indeed! This is one of my favorite places as well, and your old pictures tell a story pretty much of how it still looks today. Much hasn't changed, although I haven't been back there since the major hurricane but my daughter has. The French Quarter is amazing too! We have a new show over here I enjoy and mostly besides of some great characters it takes place in real live New Orleans! N.C.I.S New Orleans. Your summer sounds a lot like mine, I've missed being at Sepia Saturday but got there yesterday!

  3. Yes, if those hotel rooms could talk, they could sure tell some stories!

  4. Memories are wonderful things, to be triggered by an old photo, an umbrella in the rain, and an old hotel. Nice Job.

  5. A memorable post & "Beds used for more than just sleeping" made me smile! Many a babe begins that way! :) In the chronology at the top of your blog, your strapless gown with the big bow bought back memories. I had one very much like it in an orchid color with a big bow under the shirred bust. The skirt on mine was full & tea length with multiple layers of ruffles all the way down. I loved it.

  6. Hello Barbara, first off I must say how much I like your blog header - have you changed it recently or is it the first time I’ve noticed it?
    Facebook takes up way too much time. I try to avoid it for at least a couple of days each week but then there is masses to catch up on.
    "Beds used for more than just sleeping" made me smile too.


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