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Monday, August 24, 2015

Hippy hangouts

Good late morning dear readers.  I've been sliding through the Facebook trivia this morning, and found a link that was enjoyable to me.
So rather than post my blog and share it over on FB, I'm reversing and sharing the 10 Hippy Hangouts here!

Gary Rith, Ithica NY is on the list.

And Boulder, CO of course. As well as Missoula, MT (both of which have been residences of my youngest son.)

And a few others - with Asheville, NC as number one.

But I'd never heard of that one in AZ called Bisbee...oh my!  A hippy hangout that hasn't been graced with my presence yet.  (I haven't been to Eugene OR either).

What, me an old hippy?  Oh yes.  In case you didn't know already.  I proudly wear the peace sign wherever I find it.  Mmm, don't think I have one any more.  Will just have to make do with my crystals.


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