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Monday, August 3, 2015

Annelinde Metzner's program

Yesterday I was honored to be part of a wonderful program of poetry and music by Annelinde Metzner, who most of us call Linda.  What a talented woman!

The Divine Feminine was up front and center...and all throughout the very crowded sanctuary for the first Sunday in August.  Linda has many musical friends, including her Sahara Peace Choir members, as well as other choir members throughout Asheville, NC.

She leads the choir at our little church, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley, which performs once a month.  Whenever our minister, Rev. Michael Carter, isn't in the pulpit, we have guests and this Sunday we had Linda's poetry and music!

Some forms of the goddess looked out at Linda and the congregation

"What She Is" program at UUCSV Aug 2, 2015 Rebecca Williams, Annelinde Metzner, Kim Hughes
Rebecca Williams and Linda read poetry, and Kim Hughes sang some of Linda's music about the goddesses.  Linda educated an audience which may have had a bit of knowledge about goddesses to more in-depth information, from archeology to mythology.  Marija Gimbutas and Joseph Campbell were quoted in her introductions to her poetry.  But there wasn't a moment that was a sermon.  Linda introduced us to her own life, which comes through so beautifully in her poetry.  Rebecca Williams offered her theatrical talents in reading Linda's poems.

What a gentle way to learn, and then celebrate.  We sang together "The Earth is our Mother, We must Take Care of Her." and I was the drummer.

I ran the sound system as well as played a Native drum

Teresa Ballinger chose beautiful words to begin our program
Kim Hughes, an operatic trained soprano, delighted us with Linda's songs
THIS JUST ADDED (10;45 AM MON) Here's Annelinde's blog site!

Quote for today:

Whate’er your sadness, large or small,
she pounds the shores ever again,
in rhythms as old as Earth,
waxing, waning, high tide, low tide,
sister of the moons, pulling as she pulls on our blood,
the other salt sea we carry within.
Annelinde Metzner
June 24, 1995


  1. What a wonderful program that seems to have been, wish I had a glimpse of the drum you played.

    1. Silly me, I forgot to get a pic taken with Linda's drum, which she loaned me. It's not exactly a frame drum, smaller a bit, because it's hide covering is held by strings of rawhide in the back, which is how you hold it, and beat it with a drum stick also covered in rawhide.

  2. You on the drums, too! BTW, at the very top, you were a stewardess, is that what I see? HA!

    1. Yes, very briefly Gary, before marrying and raising my 3 sons. It was not all that romantic, but hard work with a fluctuating schedule, for me anyway.

    2. Yes, I know, hard work in a stupid outfit, right? But still :)


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