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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Conn by another name

When your genealogy seems to have a glitch, what do you do?

I've been over on Ancestry looking seriously to see how my great X5 grandmother might just have different parents entirely.

One of my gurus on Ancestry, a half cousin about 5 times removed who has much more experience in genealogy, had the same great X5 grandfather (but with a different mother) has posted that according to someone I've never heard of, had parents related to this new someone.

I tried to find if those parents were brothers of my granddad...but there weren't any members of his, his fathers, or his grandfather's families with the name of James or Joseph.  My tree with the Conn brothers included John Thomas, Thomas, Tramell, Jesse and so on.  No Williams either.
conn crest
So now I wonder if the grave I visited last year is even one of my ancestors.

Well, does it really matter?  Not to the bones there in that cemetery in Kentucky.
Norman, Isaac - headstone 1828
And I think I'll keep my private family tree going the way it has for several years.  Nobody knows but me, and nobody will probably say to me, HEY those are the wrong parents for your Hannah Leak Conn Booth.  At least the Conn family somehow was hers.  If her mom wasn't Mary (Polly) Norman Conn, then Isaac Norman (see cemetery marker above) would not be my ancestor.  But the information coming from a will which I haven't been able to see, well,  I won't believe it till I see it. Follow the source!

My information comes through my 5th removed cousin, and she's pretty reliable, but she says that this new cousin says that Hannah's (not on my chart) grandfather, William Conn, was in the Revolutionary War.  My information has her grandfather (Thomas Conn) only being born in 1765...which would have meant he would not have been old enough to fight in that conflict, but his father could have.   But here's the new information...and I now need to figure out the relationships.  If possble!

William Conn died in Henry county, Kentucky in 1836. He was a Revolution War soldier and he has pension records. His pension records and Will identify James Conn, who married Nancy Erwin as a son.  James Conn died about 1830. Nancy Erwin Conn moved her family to Jackson county, Indiana about 1838., where she died about 1846 and Deed Book J, Page 387 identifies  Hannah Conn Booth as a child. Female descendants of Hannah Conn Booth can join the DAR through William Conn. 

I'm not interested one bit in being a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) member.  Those ladies can have their research and their tea parties.  I do wish I knew which of the many Conn families really were my link back to Ireland, but if I don't find out, I won't cry.

They have some information about those Conns that speaks about a ferry crossing in VA, so I will probably go read about it because it does sound historically interesting. And perhaps we were related.

Today's quote:

...there are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths.
Mark Nepo


  1. This is all pretty sister has also dug up our ancestry which is rather fascinating :)

    1. Yep, unless we're Native Americans, we're all mostly immigrants here!

  2. Was wondering about the Conn, thought it might be a con. ha

    1. Always be watching out for those con fun to be conned!


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