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Friday, February 8, 2019

Treasures of the Earth

What a great title for a pottery show.  And Feb-March is such a good time for an indoor smallish show.  I was delighted to drive a bit over an hour down to Shelby to put up my pottery for hopefully someone in a different area to take something home.  My friend Cathy also went and is showing some of her work. It is great to have someone to drive with.

Violet, my cousin (? we're not, maybe because of some shifts in my ancestry) was there as Arts Council staff.  It is such a welcoming community.

 A partial look at the venue from atop my display.

 My display, thanks to my son's addition of the shelving unit.  I put it together mostly by myself this time!

 Looking a bit closer...

Ron Philbeck has been doing very well this year with his poured multiple glaze colors.  He's been invited to some juried shows I know, but too far away for me to visit.  I think the mug on the far right second shelf will come home with me at the end of the show.

I get a kick out of Brian Dukes' work, full of fantasy and fun.  (He's Violet's husband.) These are all painted with acrylics, and yet they don't look that painterly! He's got a good touch with a brush as his first medium was painting.

I enjoyed Pam Bailey's carved fish designs, which are almost invisible until you look closely.

The way this show works, people pay for an item they want to buy, then leave it there with a "sold" sticker on it until the end of the exhibit in March.  I love that everyone who visits can see everything, rather than some half empty shelves during the whole exhibit period.  So Cathy and I will drive back down to Shelby in March and pack up everything (hopefully not much) that we didn't sell.

This is the main room, with all 4 walls covered with 6 foot displays by different potters, and refreshments will be on the center tables by 5:30 when the reception begins.  I love how this former post office building has been renovated for an art center.

This alcove doesn't have many potter displays, which is ok with me, since the beer and wine table is here.  I don't mind being in that corner next to the stairs and the restroom.  I figure a lot of folks might need to pass by my display whether they plan to or not.

There are the front doors and the entry area with a few benches which were very welcome about halfway into the evening.

I enjoyed this evening, but I was one very tired cookie by the time I put my feet between the sheets.  I had to turn the air conditioner on because the sun had been warming my bedroom all day (it was in the 70s, no fooling!) Today the temperature has dropped since I woke, from maybe 52 down to
41 now at 4 pm.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend. I'll be back bogging again on Monday!


NCmountainwoman said...

It is a great name and some lovely pottery. I love your display. You do beautiful work.

Vicki Lane said...

You had a terrific display -- and you more than earned that rest!

eileeninmd said...


Your display is beautiful. Your work is lovely. I like the cute mug too. I hope the show was a success for you! Have a happy weekend!