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Saturday, March 17, 2018

St. Petersburg FL and palms

 Some fun sculptures break up the courtyard around many upscale shops leading to a movie theater.

What is reflected in the far left window? Something round is out there...
Purely by accident, the light pole merged with the palm trunk.

I love the texture that only a palm tree trunk can have!

Of course my Florida relatives and friends will know the name of this place.  Not me.  Not yet...

And Happy St. Patricks Day to all those of us with a little of the Irish in our blood! Erin go bragh!
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Today's quote:

Having daily ritual or ceremony in our lives is very important to keep us connected to what really matters.


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  2. I love palm trees, happy St. Pat's day.

  3. I was looking in the wrong window and thinking 'that's not much of a reflection!'. That's so hilarious! It looks like a cut out IN the window!


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