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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It's March in Black Mountain NC

March has had several storms (schools in Buncombe County have closed most of these days, as well as a few others when nothing much happened at all.) Ornamental Bradford Pears have been saying it's springtime with their white blossoms.

March 7, 2018, pear blossoms with sunset lighting

March 8, 2018 the Bradford Pear is not too happy

March 13, 2017 Lake Tomahawk

 Another Bradford Pear by the lake seems happy enough, though the higher elevations had snow last night.

 March 14, off and on snow falling early morning, with no view of the mountain on the other side of Swannanoa Valley.

March 14 Pear tree is still blooming. Glad it's not a fruit bearing tree...and hope the nearby apple trees have been ok.

Then the promise of blue sky, leaving us to see what has been dropped from on high, and up on the top of the nearby mountain there's still snow I can see from my bedroom window.  Tomorrow it will be gone again.

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