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Friday, March 23, 2018

Sepia wedding photos from the Webb family

Pearl Web and Clarence Hammerle's wedding, 1941 San Antonio TX
One of those tiny photos, but the groom looks a bit young.
The bride was 22 years old, and the groom? All of 26.

Such a happy bride, don't you think? Nah. She's terrified, if you ask me.  Sharing some wedding pictures for Sepia Saturday today.

20 Nov 1901 wedding of John Leroy Webb and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hohn Webb.  They are the parents of the bride at the top of this page, Pearl Webb.  John Leroy was 21 and Lizzie just 18 for their wedding portrait.  She looks ready for anything here.  But she had been raised in a family of 10 children, some of whom died before making it to a marriageable age.  I don't particularly like John Leroy's smile however, kind of a sneer if you ask me!

Mr. John Leroy Webb was my great uncle, the brother of my own grandfather who I never knew, Albert Bud Webb...who died when just 28 years old. No, I don't have any wedding photos of his.

And a photo I've posted before, of a young lady dressed in a friend's wedding dress.  She was my ex-husband's ancestor, and I neglected to put her name on it, but I believe it's Miss Faxon.


Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

John and Elizabeth make a handsome couple. They look fearless. What an elaborate dress on the unknown lady!

Wendy said...

Pearl and Clarence seemed to have a fine wedding party. I love all your wedding photos - little time capsule of styles.

Mike Brubaker said...

Wedding dresses have a style quality that I find difficult to date. Men's fashions may be more uniform but equally one decade often looks much like another.

Mollys Canopy said...

I love the John and Elizabeth photo. They do look ready for anything, and she certainly does not look as intimidated as the prompt bride!

Barbara Rogers said...

I think some families put more stress on weddings (the whole ritual, clothes, various gatherings) and maybe it has to do with their approach to their relationship with all the cousins. Mine somehow had little emphasis on formal weddings, so there aren't many photos from them.

La Nightingail said...

John Leroy's smug smile says 'I've got this under control.', while Lizzie's says 'You may think so, dear, but you're in for a big surprise!' :))