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Friday, March 9, 2018

St. Pete windows and a survey shared

This was the street to find wonderful food!  The windows reflect people walking along just before lunch.

We browsed through the market, and I took pictures of food I couldn't take home, nor eat in the few more hours I had in Florida.

I had to capture the vegan restaurant for my friends Rosemary Beddingfield, and Helen Bell and son Tai case they ever come to town.

To be Shared with Weekend Reflections whenever the meme is opened!

Today's quote:

(Imagine a lovely British accent speaking...) a survey from fellow blogger, artist Jackie Morris...

"You can answer if you wish, either in comments below or on your own blog. Invite others also.
So, here goes:
  1. If you could see through someone else’s eyes who would that be?
  2. If you could see something one more time, what would that be?
  3. If you could make something, anything, what would you choose to make?
  4. How would you describe your desire?
  5. Do you make wishes?
  6. Do you dream?
  7. If you could develop a skill before you die what would you choose?
  8. Do you have any regrets? if the answer is no please move to question 8a
  9.  8a. What are your regrets?


Linda Starr said...

I'd like to learn woodworking if I could afford the tools and the time to learn; regret I didn't save much for my retirement; wish I did more traveling when I was younger and I did do quite a bit but still it's easier to do when you are younger; most of these regrets I never think of till you asked it here, lol

Barbara Rogers said...

THanks Linda...your comment waited while I was running around today. Glad to know your views!

Jim said...


NatureFootstep said...

fine reflection and now I got hungry :)