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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thanks to potter blog readers!

Thank you Pottery Making Information Blog!

for making me the number 7 most-mentioned blog in 2016!
This is indeed an honor.

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7. Alchemy of Clay

Alchemy of Clay
Barb shares an almost daily look into her life making pots and living in North Carolina.

Today's Quote:

Here are some details about what Clay Blog Review means...
  • 166 blogs were mentioned at least one time in the Clay Blog Review in 2016.
  • 44 blogs were mentioned at least 12 times. That’s an average of once per month!
  • 6 blogs had over 100 mentions each this year.
  • 40 blogs were mentioned at least one time in the “Can’t Miss” section for the month.

Clay Blog Review

On this site you can find a monthly feature, called the Clay Blog Review. In it, you will find highlights from the best pottery blogging from around the world. (This is the subjective, inexact part!) I do my best to scan every pottery blog I can find and link to the best parts. A list of links is compiled at the end of the month and sorted into categories. At the end of the year I count each time that a blog was mentioned in the Clay Blog Review and rank the top blogs by the number of times they were mentioned.

Changes From Last Year

If you look closely, you may be able to tell that the list seems a little different from last year. One major change: I added the “Opportunities” category to the Clay Blog Review.
I also started including blogs more often that were promoting other artists and potters. In previous years I linked mostly to individuals showing their own work. This made a big difference for sites such as Cfile and Musing About Mud.
One other small change happened gradually throughout the year. If one blog had a number of similar posts in a month, I most likely only picked one or two to link. This keeps the Clay Blog Review from getting too large and I hope it encourages readers to go explore each blog and find some of those other posts.  


  1. congratulations - you are in good company !

    1. Thanks Anna. I'm really amazed to see all those other potters on the list! What professional artists have to saw, always of interest!


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