Friday, August 1, 2014


Butter fly wall hangings

There's basically a plate design turned back to the wall, making a pillow type shape.

Some of these I add a little pocket in the front, where the decorative person might add something hanging out...ivy? grass? twigs? flowers?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Geometry approximati

 I like geometric shapes, but not mathematically accurate.  I never use patterns to cut my slab shapes.

They are approximations...I would say (more sounding like Latin that really being correct) approximati.

Or would it be approximates?

Anyway, the flat backs are something I'm having some issues with.  I tossed out a couple that had warped badly.  Maybe the raised shapes are the best idea.  Funny, that's what I started with, and I thought these could be more delicate.  Well, they certainly do require different handling.

I pressed the 2 sunshine shapes between wallboard for a couple of days, but their tips still wanted to curl.  Then I painted them with wax, hoping they would be less inclined to dry faster than the middles.  They've been under plastic for 2 days now.  So I shall go to the studio soon and see how they are doing.  (The plastic, rather than continuing the wallboard, is because I've now merged the pocket with the backing, and it's three dimensional.)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Delightful sale

I am sorry to see the vase on the right leave home...but on the other hand, I'm delighted that it's going to go live with my cousin in Arizona.

Yay family that likes pottery!  Thanks so much, Patricia!  I'm so glad to have you back in my life after forty something (ahem) years.

In my usual sharing of how things are made...the bottom is wheel thrown, then the top part is made of pieces of slab that are pinched and smoothed together.  The glazing is a bit of Stroke and Coat for the color highlights then some nutmeg and clear glazes sponged over everything.  Interior is just clear, which shows the Little Loafers' shade of warm white stoneware.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Karma and customer service

Sometimes during our spiritual growth we can feel as if we are going backwards, rest assured you are not.

As my Christian friends say, what would Jesus do? 

The computer upgrade and then my attempts to get help which was less than forthcoming was such a challenge for me.

And I kept saying to myself, this.  This is my spiritual path now, just texting with some young person somewhere on this same earth, who is struggling as well.  

But oh my goddess, the struggle is so full of conflict and undertones.  What I think should be supportive from a hired individual of a  business, seems confrontive to me.  Instead of getting answers, I am inundated with questions, and those don't have anything to do with the problem.  Identifying myself in all particulars became impossible for me to do.  I refused.  The person on the other end of the conversation had my hackles raised.  Was he a hacker or really employed to help?  He never helped.  He never answered my question.

I gave up.  Frustration had happened long ago, now I was nauseous.   There I was slipping into 'el mundo malo,' (the bad world) no longer able to see anything to be gained.  

How do the Jews and Palestinians do this daily?  How do the Taliban and Afghans do this?  How does anyone live in such hatred and not just stop breathing?

But my challenge was such that I slipped out of a loving mind, probably about the time the guy asked for every bit of information that he already had.  I had logged onto his company.  I had purchased a program package, giving all the information he was asking for again.  The challenge was being teased.  I do not make a good mouse for his cat.  

So the next morning I see how I failed.  He may have been the man with the gun in my challenge, and I wasn't able to forgive him.  That was my failure of the moment.  Of course I wouldn't disagree with a man with a gun; that would have been stupid.  But to love him, to also give in to his demands while forgiving him, that was my next step in my spiritual growth.  Or maybe to say no (as I did) with more love (as I didn't.)

I'll be there a few more karmic times before I get this bit of growth.  Oh yes.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Two steps forward, and faaaaaaling back

I got the printer to work by upgrading it through Epson's own site.
I can't find all the great selections to use it, because it's choices are now under Windows rather than Epson's (printer scanner) controls.

I got back with Apple and the iPhone downloads photos, but the black screen is still the result, as Windows now shows it but say's Apple is somehow the fault.

I purchased the software package that is about to expire from a subscription which I hadn't known I'd signed up for last year.  So now I should have a permanent fix for Office.

But there's no difference.  The "it's going to expire in 3 days" notice is still up.
I talked on line with 2 people at Microsoft.  One just didn't have the answer.  The next one pretended that he would if I would just let him know my name, birth day, last 4 digits of my credit card, address, phone and email address. Pul-eeze, how do I know you're not a hacker?

I also confronted him that I was already signed in as a Microsoft customer, here was my purchase order with the product code, etc...and that there was no reason for him to continue to ask me for information.  I really think he was trying to play cat and mouse with me, and had nothing to answer to my question all along, but if he kept irritating me, I'd finally give up and go away.

I took 20 min. trying to get him to tell me what I got for my recent purchase.

No luck.  By then I had nausea.  I asked to speak to his supervisor.  No luck.

I disconnected, after copying the entire transaction onto my current Word program.  If I don't have Word in 3 days, I will somehow cope.  But I intend to send someone at Microsoft my simple request to know what I'd purchased, and especially that it wouldn't have another subscription expiration date on it (you know, truth in purchasing is one of our inalienable rights, isn't it?) and that I would have updates as they came along.

At this point, I made a purchase, and it downloaded nothing but what I already had.  (For me the purchase price of $150 is a lot coming off my Social Security check).

That is not acceptable business practice in anyone's book.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Giving credits

Thanks to Linda Starr for several things today.

My friend, Fred Feldman, mentioned at the studio today that he plans to be in the Sourwood Festival Art Show this August.  He said he's going to share a space with another artist who works in en caustic.  Fred does wood and clay sculptures which are amazing and humorous.

Anyway, he said he needed to work out the display that they will set up inside the tent.  I said I remembered reading about pottery displays on Linda's blog offered to email him the link when I got home (and I remembered to do it! ta-da!)

Then I finally read my own list of blogs that I like to follow, and Linda has a hurt arm (so I commented and wished her well) and she mentioned gratitude for being included in Pottery Making Info which I always forget to go use as a resource.  It's great, and I should just hit myself somewhere, or kick myself, so I can remember.

And as I looked through the June lists, there's my dear little Alchemy of Clay listed a few times too.  Whew.  I am so grateful that somewhere out there in the World Wide Web...somebody is reading and referring folks over to look at my blog.  YAY.  And a big THANKS!