Thursday, May 26, 2016

Beauty all around

 Much later than the native Dogwoods, a Japanese Dogwood is in bloom now.

What a lovely Fuchsia plant!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nouveau Two vase finished

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The vase without its lid.

As you may remember when I showed the unfired piece HERE, there's clear Matte Glaze (by Mayco) over all the surfaces outside.  The inside and upper lip are glazed with satin white.  The colors of Mayco stroke and coat glazes keep their shine even under the Matte clear. (More about the Process Here.)

I love how many designs can be incorporated into one vase.  Do you think it's too much?

Blogger Note: I also just learned a sad thing about blogger.  If you use the same title twice, it can't handle it, even though the publishing date is different.  So my post "Nouveau Two" from several days ago confused blogger, and my attempted post "Nouveau Two for Wed. the 25th, got posted on the 18th, then the 19th, and then sent to my email address (all of which transpired in real time on Fri the 20th).  I tried to copy it into a new post, and it kept going to the past post, which is when I figured out to delete the never published one, and use the info that had been sent to my email to make this one, which has an extra few words in the title, to keep poor blogger happy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Barb's birds and bees Part Three

There were some bee mugs in the last glaze kiln.  I think I like them a lot. Nobody else in the studio said they did.  But they feel just right for me.

They are simple squared off cylinders.  And inside is satin white, with some of the stoneware showing through.  The exterior glaze is matte black, then dipped into the same white over the black on the rim, which gives the dripped down effect.  It also makes a really smooth rim for one's lips to drink from.

I seldom make 6 of anything, usually it's 5 because one just doesn't make it.  So this is rare for me!
And I'm thinking of keeping 2 for myself.  I already christened one with my morning coffee!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Barb's Birds and Bees Part Two

Some places the glaze was too thin.
Some places the glaze was too thick.

I'm not very happy about this one.  I think all that time and work gives me only the satisfaction of knowing how to change the next one.  And if I don't take a hammer to it, it will be at most a "second."

Using regular glaze for the nutmeg brown, rather than stroke and coat, I made it too thin and too blobby on both the inside and exterior birds.  The ones inside got gobbled up by the blue thick glaze, including at least one which lost its head!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Barb's birds and bees

Part One:
Birds in the works...a bowl for birds.
My brief visit by nesting doves made me think of doing some birds nesting on the exterior...

 The interior has some flying silhouettes of birds over clouds that circle the center...the grey glaze will be blue.
All the birds, inside and out are nutmeg brown. And the nests lie tucked inside leaves of turquoise trees limbs,

The outside is then coated with matte clear glaze, with blue at rim and foot.  We shall see results soon!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Memories shared

Some of my favorite things from Long, Long Ago.
Newborn babies! (This is close to the Sepia Saturday meme this week)
Retiring to North Carolina (2007) where friend Rosie (on left) and her husband lived. Then they moved to Washington state!

Going back to college to finish my degree in art (and then grad school also!)

One of the men I almost married...

The thrill of takeoff, Pan American from Miami, FL (I'm second from r. front row)

Marcellus Williams (Sun Bear) visited Tallahassee and shared on Indian Mounds near Lake Jackson

Muffin, the furry one

Cat toes, those little pink ones in the white fur.
 And not so long ago, but every single day now...
Living in Black Mountain, photo by joye ardyn durham

I'm submitting this post to Sepia Saturday...because I can't figure out anything to say about their photo this week.  I've very little interest in baby beauty contests!   (Except my own beautiful babies, and my grandbabies! Of course!) But check over there to see what others have come up with.

My summer Saturdays

Summer Saturday:
I'm going to talk a bit about how I approach each Saturday.

Setting an alarm, after 8 years of retirement; this harkens back to the 5 days a week when I would startle awake and go to a business setting to perform for someone in exchange for "green energy" (money) which could purchase the things I needed and wanted.

Yep, just setting an alarm does give me lots of feelings.
Does it go off?  Seldom.
It causes all those feelings to make me sleep differently, with some anxiety as to when it will go off.  I usually wake up completely an hour before it is set, or at least 15 minutes before.  So it never gets to go off.

I only have to be at the market and set up the booth twice a month, because our co-op of five Mud Buddies allows us to sign up for 2 of us each Saturday to be "on duty."  I don't mind the setting up, arranging everyone's pretty wares around.

The Saturdays on which I work the Mud Buddies booth means we're ready for customers at 9 am, when the market opens.  But there's a side-effect which is most desirable.  I am in line early for my favorite croissant.  If there's asparagus for sale, I can get some.  And then I can just sit down in my folding chair for the next 3 hours, either in the sun or shade.  And I can meet people who are interested in pots.

Bette, Barbara, Cathy, Marsha and Pat - Mud Buddies

There are so many great curious people who love pottery, who know to pick up a mug and feel how the handle fits their hand, who look at the bottom to see how it was trimmed, who smile at decorations that please them.

I lied above, because I never get to just sit for three hours.  The getting-up for each customer is my main quad exercise.  Just do that for 3 hours sometime!  I also get to breathe wonderful fresh air.  And pollen.  It's inspirational, and usually I can breathe just fine.

I also get very cold or very hot, or rained upon on the rare wet Saturdays.  This week, Saturday is forecast to have a wet day, but I'm not working.  The two Mud Buddies who are working will decide whether to open our booth or not.  Of course I hope they will.  Many folks will be coming for croissants, for veggies, for meats and eggs, and tomato starts, for coffee or chai. And I hope they think of pottery as well as a reason for coming to the Tailgate Market of Black Mountain, NC.

Me? I'll be up at the time I usually get up, without the anxiety of the alarm.  And I'll go to the market to see how it's going, to encourage my friends, and see if any croissants are left. Then I go to the studio and make more pottery!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Nouveau Two

Still working out the kinks...but am hopeful that this little lidded jar/vase will have good results.  Remember the glazes are powdery looking, so the pink will turn bright red, and the pale turquoise should be a shiny turquoise when finished.

It's all a process.  Who said that?