Tuesday, July 22, 2014

tabs set

If you should hover your cursor over the words just below my header, you might find I've updated my tabs.

Take a moment and see them, and let me know what you think.  Thanks!

PS, I'm also asking folks to be my friend on FaceBook at Barbara Rogers, Alchemy of Clay.  Then I can post more things over there, which might just be available to more folks than my dear blogger friends.  Not that I don't love you, but when thinking of sharing pottery, the more people that see it, the better!

And if that leads you to the wrong link, let me know.  I'm kind of stuck, cause when I look for the link to it, it gives me my "personal page" rather than the posting one.  Confusing!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cat paws

She has passed here.

I love the way the matt bronze green has little crystals forming in it, and the shiny white and pink paw prints contrast not only in color but in texture.  Fun!

Incidentally, I updated my tabs above the posts (right under the title) so more recent pieces are displayed.  It would be really great if you contacted me to buy whatever your hearts desired!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bette's raku

Bette's beautiful unique raku ware is only on display at the Tailgate Market when she can be there.  It's much more fragile than other mugs and casseroles.

Yep, there are doggie biscuits in a precious raku ware bowl.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Moon dancer plate

I tried slip trailing onto leather hard clay, and the slip trailer kept getting clogged up with clay.  I guess I've gotten used to a technique that works on bisque-ware.  I do love Mayco Stroke n' Coat glazes for the detail work, but it's a pain to put 3 coats on of each color.  I probably will limit the amount of color I apply...at least the Stroke n' Coat colors.

Friday, July 18, 2014

A tree mug going full circle

One version of my tree mugs
One of our former Mud Budies, is still part of the clay community here in Black Mountain.  Elise Reed is a volunteer for Open Studio on Sundays at BMCA clay studio.  And she and I were having a conversation a couple of months ago...that she was looking for a temp job over the summer, since she teaches art during the year.

I had just that morning seen on FaceBook, a posting of a camp looking for someone who knows clay.  I am pretty sure it was on the Clay Club...perhaps just as a blog notice.  Anyway, I gave the info right off my phone to Elise, and she applied.

The rest of the story, well, she was just right for the job, and she loves it.

But more to bring it full circle.  Yesterday she posted this picture on FB.

She shared it because, when she'd been in the kitchen of the woman in charge of the camp, she found my mug.  And the back story must have been shared as well, because by the time she told me where it was, there were 20 "likes." 

I had connected her to get the job at the camp, and someone there had bought one of my tree mugs.  I thanked her, and was grateful for good things going full circle.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Computer and slip trailing

OK, I won't rant at ya...just know I'm among the many out there with computer woes today.

Upgrades always leave us worse off, so why do we do them?  I took 4 months before I finally did it, and I'm SORRY.

Slip trailing...got new pens...tried them with fantastic results.  THen got a new "matt clear" to put on top of things.  Not at all matt.  And I think it's why one of the slip trailers messed up.

In case you haven't noticed, all the heavy lines look like crayons that melted.

Spectrum underglaze black, which worked fine on my first plate (see header, some of the heavy lines on the plate are that and some are Raised Black, but with our studio clear shiny glaze.)

All the heavy lines on this new piece are the underglaze black, and the clear is all the  Matt (ha ha ha) clear.

They were both fired on the same schedule as well.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

For the Birds

This lovely picture has a back story.
I was one of the volunteer guides at Susan Amato's garden this year.  See Art in Bloom postings under my blog, Living in Black Mountain.  I'll continue to post every month at least one view of June's beautiful flowers.

I didn't get to see Cheryl Keefer actually painting the picture above.  There was another pleine air artist there when I was there.  But I did see this fun little pocket garden with little cups hanging from an old clothes line tee.

However it's not just familiarity which draws me to this painting.  It's the great sense of lighting that comes from that sky.  My eye just keeps being drawn into it.  I wish this were coming to live with me, but for today, I saw it in the gallery at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts...and it's due to go to its forever home next week.