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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nels Arnold

One of Nels' sweet vases...lots of female faces surround it!

If you're in the Asheville area, you may have seen some of Nels' works.  She does mainly sculptural things now. 

 I've been privileged to take part in one of her Divine Feminine workshops, creating a divine figure to post in my environment.  A Japanese Gizo Goddess figurine which is to be left outside around natural places of power. It isn't a figure that is fired, but is posted outside and allowed to return to the earth...just creating a vision that is transient but holds my thoughts, then releases them. (I can't find a reference to the book which she referred to which talks about these figures more.)

That's Nels on the left.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Forest Project details

earlier today I posted the whole sculptural installation.
Here are some details.
The main piece is slab built, carved.  Oxides are the only finish, besides black paint on the ceramic base below the actual tree grove.

Oxides were applied in impressed and carved lines, wiped off.  Then I took a stiff brush and splatted more onto the whole large piece.

The Forest Project

Monday, December 15, 2014

Little stone goddess

She's not clay, but stone...and here are some amazing things I just found out about her.

Venus of Willendorf (Click here to read about it)

Riverbank of Danube where "Venus" was found near Willendorf

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Two devils who I live with

Thanks to Ronni Bennett over at Time Goes By for this great video of Cats waking up folks.

Just what I experience every morning.  In twos, if they both decide to help me wake up.  But I think I got their numbers.  I left an extra large dinner and served it late the other night.  So they actually let me sleep in the next morning.  I'll let you know if this continues to work, or if they start to gain too much weight.  (I did cut down the size of breakfast too!)

Later...next day report.  There were two very insistent gals on top of me this morning.  They read this (watched the video too) until 5 am and decided it was TIME.  No way, I said.  Pulled covers and pillows over my head.

Just look at that expression!

Body language says it all!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Plate designs in gallery

My two tree decorated entries on the wall in the Black Mountain Center for the Arts gallery.  To the left is Greenman Live-oak Tree Plate...and on the right is Willow Goddess Platter.  Both were drawn entirely on the bisqued ware with "designer liners" then the glaze colors (Mayco Stroke 'n Coat) were applied, then a thin coat of clear glaze was applied before they were fired to cone 6.  Mayco came out with Designer Liners in about 5-6 colors last year, and I've enjoyed playing with the design possibilities on plates.  The work of drawing then painting glazes on a plate does take time, but they feel like a good drawing or painting should, when the finishing touch is applied, I know I've done my best.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's that in the oven?

Baking day at Grandmama' Rogers house.

My hands are shaky from kneading the bread.  It's either going to be good or horrible...but it sure was harder than wedging clay!  Mmm.  I'm kind of voting on horrible.

If I only had opposable thumbs, you know I'd make pottery too! Or bread...or tuna casseroles...or...

I actually am typing this while the dough does its first rise.  Muffin is helping, watching the little black things that get from one line to the next.  Boy, she has fish to watch, and birds out the window, what is with her and the computer today!  Earlier I caught her very interested in Doug Fitch's throwing on Hannah McAndrew's blog.  I even got a pic or two.

Now I'm so glad to relax.  I had thought I could stand in the kitchen for more than 3 hours (well it took that long to get it warm, as well as to clean up before messing up...if you know what I mean.)
But I'm not busy making the next batch of stuff.  I will soon.  When the bread is rising again in the loaf pans...one with cinnamon raisin, and the other just whole wheat goodness.

I had an inspiration...to make home made cupcakes and ship them to my 3 sons and 6 grands.  It might work, and we shall see if I still have any energy after bread and at least one batch of cookies.

Nobody is coming to my house for the holidays, but I want to do what I can to spread cheer.  (My friend Bette Potter Jones says she always bakes to feel better, so I'm trying it.)  Since I won't be able to see any of my family for these holidays, I'm feeling kind of blue.

(Update, a late breaking ticket was purchased for me to visit one of my son's families.  YAY!)

So I'm planning to start celebrating Hanukkah on the evening of the 16th...alone.  Then at least some friends invited me over for a Solstice party on the 20th.  And the 21st there's another pagan celebration down in Hendersonville, if I have the energy to drive there to meet some new pagans.

I have a long distance friend who will be sending me a box soon, all the way from Washington state to North Carolina.  Last year her box of goodies was all that was under my Christmas tree, and I expect the same this year.  I have always loved the beauty of a tree decorated inside.  But I don't usually have the energy to put one up and decorate any more.  Will I cry? Probably.

It's just 'cause I never had a Christmas like the sappy romantic shows have depicted.  I used to cry watching Little House on the Prarie and the Waltons...even when it wasn't Christmas.  Having a dysfunctional family meant having that kind of expectation for a long time, and lots of disappointments.  But I'm still working on it...making my joy with my chosen family of friends.

I may even break out a Kwanza candle arrangement.  There are some very good messages to repeat each night with that week of celebrating light.

It all comes down to celebrations of LIGHT.  It will return.  Whatever rituals may be attached to it, the 2 days that embrace Winter Solstice are definitely to be used for introspection...not shopping!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More displays at Pottery Market

More photos from the Appalachian Potters Market...but I'm afraid they are all of Cathy and my wares.  Sorry I didn't go around and take pictures of other's booths...which would have been so smart.  But I was pretty tired...and got much tireder.

Bowl on the front left edge of my table was picked up more than any other piece, but nobody bought it!  It has a lady bug and leaves painted on the rim.  We did get an order to make another slightly bigger one though!
Many people were interested in Cathy's mishima white vase.
This is my latest plate design

I'm so grateful to sell this, right before closing!

The largest three glaze bowl sold.
I am so very thankful for the sales we made.  It was just exhausting for me.  Did I say how tired I was at the end of the day?  Dragging!