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Sunday, July 4, 2021

More about the Red House

 I was asked to be the docent at the Red House gallery again a few weeks ago. We had a lot of visitors, and made quite a few sales.

So between visitors, I thought I'd take a few more photos for those of you who probably won't ever be able to visit Black Mountain NC.

The Red House Gallery and Studios

I remember when I first started coming to the Red House, how difficult it was for me to walk up these stairs. Now I don't even get out of breath! Whoopee!

Looking toward the Monte Vista Hotel...and the garden room and patio where sometimes guests at Milton's Dining Room will enjoy an outdoor venue.

The iron stairs provide fire escape from the upper rooms in the Monte Vista Hotel.

The front door, and a display of the current show.

All of the works in this show were inspired by a feather...

The guest book isn't signed by everyone, but some people do like to make comments.

Here's the desk for a docent (actually known as a sitter, not trying to educate people)

The back entrance...upstairs are artists' studios and a classroom. There is a classroom downstairs and 2 studios as well as the gallery itself.


  1. Hello,

    I love the Red House, it is a pretty gallery. Thanks for the tour!
    Take care, have a happy day and week ahead.

  2. Nice gallery! Glad that you are feeling stronger and better.


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