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Friday, October 14, 2016

Water-craft as transportation

Perhaps my ancestors who created ships which sailed the seas all over the world, left a bit of their DNA in my blood.  There were several called Captain Swasey, and the Pulsifers. I've posted about them Here, and HERE, and Here for More About Ships.

So I'm going to let you go to those sites to see more historic ships.
And here I'll just add some more recent photos of my various family members...when they were much younger!

Pretending to be afloat, when your feet, or knees, are on a stony river sis in the tube, unknown little girl standing up, and me in a bathing cap.  Do they still make those?  Somehow I just had to have my hair looking good. I wonder if there were boys at that camp, or I'd just decided at 12 or 13 that my looks made a difference in my life.

A painting of a ship...wish I knew whose or what or where.

 A few years ago, my youngest son and a friend (in background) went for a canoe ride on the Santa Fe River in Florida. You can't go downstream because the river goes underground through a sinkhole for a couple of miles, near Gainesville FL.

Yes, I still was caring about my hair when I went red for about a year.  Here I'm canoeing with my oldest and his son on the Hillsborough River in Temple Terrace FL.

Oldest son and my grandson on the river!  Really peaceful, but also boring if you're a teen!

My three grandkids in Florida, when they were much smaller.  This is the kind of water they preferred to play in.

My youngest on a log below Abrams Falls in the Smokey Mountains, with some other friends after a nice hike to get there which makes going in the frigid water very welcome in the summer.

Friends of my son sailing near Seattle WA.

Youngest son (all grown up!) and girlfriend and friend's dog sailing.

I remember learning to swim with a cringe.  In the winter in St. Louis in an indoor pool. But in PE class the girls had to wear tank suits which were very unbecoming to pre-teens. And I always seemed to get that chlorinated water in my nose! I also got leg and foot cramps very easily, so would not always even be able to swim for long...part of growing up. Not to mention leaving the gym and having damp hair in frigid weather!  It's amazing that by the time I was in college I was brave enough to take a diving class for PE.  And I still prefer to swim in fresh or salt water...sensitive nose you know!

I'm sharing this with Sepia Saturday where, for the month of Oct. we look at From Here To There.

Today's Quote:

The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what to hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope.  Barbara Kingsolver


  1. Your family certainly appear to have water in their veins.

  2. Your first photo, with the rubber ring and your memories of wearing a bathing cap, struck a chord with me; didn’t those caps hurt to pull on? Also, I too have strong memories of the chlorinated water - did they use more of it in those days?

    1. Oh my goodness, yes! Lost many a strand of hair putting on the cap...and that chlorine was always bad. Perhaps because of what children might do in the water, rather than getting out to use a restroom!

  3. Great post. You've reminded me of the photos I have of my family motorboating and peddleboating at my grandparents' cottage. I need more Saturdays for this theme!

  4. Water fun galore with your happy photographs.

  5. I hear ya about those swimming classes in a tank suit! I HAD to take swimming in college. And we HAD to swear a tank suit. BLEH ~

    I enjoyed all these photos - so peaceful on the boat!

  6. We didn't have swimming pools at either the Jr. High or High School I attended so no swimming lessons in tank suits, thank heaven! In my senior year in high school, however, I took Modern Dance class instead of PE and we wore short-sleeved, scoop-necked, black leotards & we thought we looked pretty sexy. :) By the way, the river in your first B&W photo (with you in the bathing cap) looks great. Was it a river or a lake?

  7. I think you can still buy bathing caps and I occasionally see older women wearing them at the beach. Yesterday I went to watch our 2 year old granddaughter 'swim' at the local pool with her floaties on, aka inflatted armbands.


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