Saturday, October 8, 2016

Utilizing resources in the neighborhood

This week I'll be walking the path around Lake Tomahawk every day.

For some reason I got out of the habit.  It was a bit further to drive there, and the parking lots always had cars for the pool.  Not to mention I never want to get up early in the summer to beat the heat for a walk.  OK, just excuses.  I could have done it.  I didn't.
So my major incentive is to improve my health.  I'm also signed up to join the Senior Lunch Program.  I cringe, because I think of myself as a junior-senior.  But I can use the income I'll save, not to mention get something nutritious, though I must discipline myself on some of the food that's not as good for me...lots of carbohydrates!

I ate my lunches there for a couple of years, until my Irritable Bowel Syndrome caused me problems.  Now I think I've got that mostly solved, by avoiding the foods that trigger problems.

And this will keep me from lining up for a quick lunch in the car at one of our local fast food places.
That's definitely a good thing...nutrition-wise, and pocketbook-wise!

Today's Quote:

To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle,
Every cubic inch of space is a miracle.
Walt Whitman


  1. Such a pretty place to walk. I too got out of the habit during the hot summer. When my car was in the garage this week, I walked to the post office and promised myself to get back to it... and now it's raining. Is that a good excuse?

  2. Love seeing the lake there on such a beautiful day. Perfect for a long walk!


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