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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Thank you

 I'm so thankful for all the wonderful people who came to see my pottery yesterday at Art by the Tracks.
My display in our 2-potters' booth

Some of the hand painted rockers in downtown Black Mountain

Looking down to the end of Cherry St. at the depot and the show at 9 am

Sutton Ave and the Old Depot were shining yesterday with the arts and crafts
And a special note of gratitude to those who bought pottery.  Yay. You now have a little bit of me to share wherever that pot may land...and I hope it brings you joy and good health!

Friend Sarah Vekasi had a booth also, and she was a main organizer for the show
Early in the morning before sales started!

Pardon my shadow, and the early-bird (9:30 am) lady, but that was our booth for all day!

 My friend, Cathy Babula, sold most of these lovely pots and is going home to make more!

It was hard for my old body to go 10 hours outdoors...but I survived, and indeed thrived.  We had a good dinner at Ole's and a few drinks to consider our day...excellent weather (in the 70s in afternoon). Great crowds.  Good sales.  Cathy said it was her best day yet.

Today's Quote:

Sticks in a bundle cannot be broken. Bondei Proverb


  1. It was an incredible day, and due to drought conditions, the trees continue to look beautiful. So that meant lots of tourists were in town also.

  2. It is always a good feeling when people buy your work. It is a compliment to the artist. Your work is very good.


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