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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tallahassee and Gainesville FL

Chapter 3: Sharing more of the many places I have lived ...

My older two sons and I moved to a small apartment on Beard St., Tallahassee, FL - following the 10,000 miles of camping across the whole country in the camper. I got temp jobs as an Administravie Assistant until I found a full time opportunity. (This was to become a pattern in my life.)

There was a nice park a couple of blocks away with various after-school programs for the boys.

Arts & Crafts building, Lafayette Park
Seventh St., Tallahassee, FL - I rented a very big house and shared it with some other friends including a young FL senator.
Seventh Av. Tallahassee, FL
My oldest sons moved back to Tampa to live with their father and his girlfriend, and I moved in with my boyfriend for a while. This was the 70s and my fluid lifestyle seemed to fit in with rock and roll and my continuing spiritual path.
Rural route, Lake Jem, FL (a commune which never came about - growing organic tomatoes in green houses, oranges, back in the early 1980s). George Gurdjieff's writings were the foundation for the possible commune. It was an interesting interlude.
Orange groves in Florida

Millhopper Rd, Gainesville, FL - Again a single mom, now with a baby, I moved in with a woman, her daughter, and another very young woman.  The woman from whom I rented a bedroom was teaching at the massage school.

NE 20 Ave., Gainesville, FL - I found 2 other single mothers who wanted to share a house, and I went back to college at the University of Florida, while my youngest son was cared for by one of the other mothers.

NE 16 St., Gainesville, FL - I moved into an apartment on my own for a couple of years, while being a full time student in clay.  I worked part time in various student jobs (i.e. low paying).

Corey Village, Gainesville, FL - I finally got to the head of the list to get into family housing on campus...which was very low cost and I could bike easily to classes.  I spent 6 years getting my BFA, (Ceramics) my Ed.S. and M.Ed. (Counselor Education.) The camper van finally died after driving it 11 years.

1984 Corey Village, U of FL

I'll continue my life journey in my various homes later.  It's been fun chasing down some of the old places.

Today's Quote:

“Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  Friedrich Nietzsche


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